Thursday, November 19, 2009

old times..

today i went for tution...and i bring my bro go too...=_=;;; this is the first time he went for the tution....we went there by bus....he been asking me are we there yet when every bus stop passes though.....even the people sat beside him also scare already~XDDD
and thanks to tution...;_; i didnt go to sunway pyramid with my friends today....i want ice skating~~~~

today im in drawing mood~so i drew reus some fanart...because i saw my lame fanart...>.< i feel gulity so i drew a better fanart..and i drew 3 of it because i fall in it~xD

today i saw mashmellowmuffin and anime610 online today in dream forum~and we had a really long and nice chat~the conversation is really funny!!!i almost laugh till roll on the ground...(sorry...i cant tell u what it is..)i really missed them actually~~~makes me think back the old times....(xP)


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